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Artificial Intelligence for Media

Your personal assistant!

ChatGPT’s breakthrough technology allows it to understand natural language, making it an indispensable assistant in your daily work.


You can easily reach your goal with specially trained artificial intelligence modes.
Save Time & Become More Productive

Do you need someone for helping you to write your book that you are creating or poem, blog post, song lyric, article, newspaper,.. ? Or just want to write a review for a product, restaurant, shop.. Or just get inspired to find a impressive product name or description? I'm here to help you.

Complete your text you're writing

Note that, It understands previous sentences and complete within the subject. You can configure the temperature of AI thinking for flexibility.

Product name or description
Grammar Correction
And more...

Translate difficult texts into simpler versions, summarize text for 2nd grade students or expand your text to keep readers on your topic. Day by day application gains new features.

Create Images for Your Content

from a description in natural language.
Designer app can create unique, original, and realistic images and artwork from a text description. You can also edit your images simply by using words. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles.

Just Imagine and Describe It!

Designer will help you to convert your words to images.
Besides writing something, we need to describe it visually. Creating contents are more powerful when powered by visuals. Artificial intelligence help you to create visuals unique for you and save your time without design knowledge.
All images are created by ZekAI

Talk to your documents!

Let artificial intelligence explore your documents on your behalf.
The Explorer application learns the contents of the documents you upload, and generates answers to your questions from the document contents. This way, you save time and energy.
Top 3 key topics in the doc?
The three most important concepts in the document are neural networks, deep learning, and the backpropagation algorithm. Neural networks form the basic building block of artificial intelligence, while deep learning represents the more complex structures of these networks. The backpropagation algorithm is an optimization method used during the training of these networks. These three concepts are tightly interconnected, forming the foundation of the learning process in artificial intelligence.

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billed monthly per month

GPT-4o, Gemini Pro
Language Practicer
Question Solver
Code Writer
SEO Expert
Life Coach
Kitchen Chef
Dream Interpreter

Limited Author Usage
(8000 words/month)

Limited Designer Usage
(10 images/month)

Limited Explorer Usage
(8000 words/month)


billed monthly per month

Everything in Basic, plus:

Train your own Assistants!

Unlimited Complete
Unlimited Summarize
Unlimited Translation
Unlimited Correction
Unlimited Inspiration

Unlimited Image Creation
Unlimited Image Editing
15+ Best AI Image Models

Your own AI search engine!
Unlimited file upload
100k Words Per Document

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Everything in Pro, plus:

API Access
App Integration
Custom AI Models
Custom-made Business Assistants

API Access
Custom Templates

API Access
Custom Templates
Custom AI Models

API Access
Business-wide Personalized Search Engine
Unlimited Words Per Document
1 Month Trial
4000 words limited Assistant
4000 words limited Author
Limited Image Generation
Limited Explorer
*Fair usage policy applicable. For more info please read terms of use

Take advantage of new AI technologies

The world's best AI models all on one platform.


The assistant utilizes state-of-the-art AI models including GPT4, GPT3.5, and custom models to deliver exquisite responses and ensures the provision of safe content at all times.


The Author application combines the prowess of over 6 AI models, including OpenAI's powerful InstructGPT-3.5 and Google's advanced models, to provide an unparalleled writing tool for all.


The Designer application harnesses the power of over 15 AI models to effortlessly create and enhance images, unlocking a world of limitless artistic possibilities and imagination.


The Explorer application learns from your documents for effortless discovery and inquiries, enabling seamless communication and interaction with all stored documents, thereby enhancing efficiency and ease of access.

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